What if Priest dies during liturgy?

What happens if a priest dies during the divine liturgy and what are recent examples of this? I know there are other discussions about this but I can't find them. Also, I believe everyone has heard of recent bombings in Egypt, but specifically in Tanta, what happened with the body and blood of Christ? Did they take it to another church or to a monastery or somewhere sacred?


  • The general rule for priests is if one dies, if you can't get another one soon to finish the liturgy, you get the person with the highest rank to finish the liturgy (archee deacon, deacon, subdeacon, reader, chanter) and after the liturgy, that person must be ordained a priest.
  • I kinda heard about that in the past but was stuck on the part where that person must be ordained a priest. And also, do you know what was done with the Body and Blood during the liturgy on Palm Sunday in Tanta
  • The Late Fr. Bishoy Dimitri of St. Mary's East Brunswick, NJ--, his dad who was also a priest was ordained that way back in egypt. I don't think this case would happened these days considering that the ease of transportation these days.

    I did wonder about what happened to the body in Tanta, but i didn't follow up and asked. Consider that the body was not fully scenctified yet, so it's possible one of the priests just eat it. 
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