I see clearly now why we need Christ

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Jesus said woe to you when all speak well of you for so did those before to the false prophets.
Not one of us is righteous and has kept God law without Him. With men Jesus said it is impossible to be saved but with God's all things are possible. If it was hard even for believers to be saved who are rich honestly Jesus wouldn't say to be faithful over our talents and be good stewards of His money. Yes it is hard for a believer also but not impossible as with that rich man and those like him
He said that in response to the disciples reaction to Jesus responding to the rich without God can not be saved which he said in response to the rich man not following Christ who used to try to obey God commandment so we would think he would have had God. I will try to answer or one of you can answer why Jesus didn't say to believe and be a good steward of the money. I will answer later but I believe it is because his money consisted of possessions that can be used to serve the poor. And Jesus only said if you want to be perfect which he wants to be but not at the cost of losing his possessions. Or even if he believed in Jesus if we deduce that from him leaving sorrowful he gave up hope that God cares for him and he did not love Jesus and eternal life enough . But it appears he left sorrowful because he doubted God would ask such a thing. The bible is clear to deny the Son means not to have the Father either. I never said anyway that a non believer might be saved I meant a believer who does not confess. I know if a person is asked he must not deny but the bible says we also need to confess but maybe not to those who will hinder you from preaching christ the swine who persecute but if you escape the situation you have to confess. You may still be persecuted anyway but you would have benefited many. Jesus said then not to fear those who kill the body but can not kill the soul


  • "What is of the Earth shall return to the Earth, and what is of God's shall return to God"

    Amen :D
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