I Have Recently Devoted Myself To Watch Movies No more As They Have Been The Main Sources Driving Me To Sin. But After A While, The Unavoidable Abundant Exposure Of Encountering Movies And Related Things Have Now Made Me Inclined To Ease Up On My Devotion Not To Watch Movies. What Do You Advice Me To Consider? What Does The Church Say About This?


  • gebremariam, it's OK, you can watch movies :-)

    Everyone sins.
  • Hi Gebremariam
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    to watch earthly movies (for the sake of pleasure/ killing time) that are propagating sin/ painting corrupt ideas as good/ empty entertainment.. is not beneficial or right. Some may watch them for other reasons, for getting an idea just how satanic the movie industry has become -so as to warn others, which can be very important especially in regards of kids; kids movies are often full of ideas in direct oposition to what is pure and of Gods will and design.

    But there is an abundance of movies and many of them are not as earthly and corrupt as the standard hollywood movies and some movies are almost godly and other movies are aimed to be exactly that. Hope you will find movies that nurtures your mind and soul

    With love and blessing,
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