Piehmot Ghar during the Weekdays Great Lent

Should Piehmotghar be said for a bishop during the weekdays of Great Lent?


  • This hymn is chanted in the presence of a Bishop at any time of the year and in any church service where there is a reading from St Paul.
  • Hi Drew,

    I presume that includes Holy Week... can you confirm?



  • Yes it would be chanted during the general funeral on Sunday, the Lakkan service and the Liturgy on Thursday and the sixth and ninth hours of Friday.
  • Matthewgundy, if you're asking if Piehmot ghar during Great Lent conforms to liturgical rites, you received the affirmative answer. If, on the other hand, you are asking if Piehmot ghar SHOULD be said during Great Lent, well that is different question. Nothing in the Great Lent or the mind of the Church says rejoicing for the bishop's arrival is dismissable during Lent. In fact, as I wrote before, the point of the Great Lent is repentance and joy, not melancholy and wallowing in sadness. Joy and repentance is exactly why bishops visit Churches. Our Church understood a bishop's visit is equivalent to Christ arriving and visiting us, as Christ visited mankind in His incarnation and Resurrection (which points back to the gospel which St Paul preached). 

    However, if one were to say Piehmot ghar for every Pauline reading, especially during Holy Week, as Drew point out, you would be very redundant and the services are already long. Plus, bishops are usually very busy with a myriad of duties. Is it really beneficial to say Piehmot ghar multiple times? I don't think so and most alhan-oriented priests, deacons and muallemeen would probably agree. 

    So the answer to your question: Piehmot ghar probably should be said once or twice at most during Lent and Holy Week even though it can be said every time. 
  • Thank you all
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