Love is love?

How do you respond to somebody who defends homosexuality by saying "love is love"?


  • Even homosexuals will admit to making restrictions to "love is love".  Is love love when a 16-year-old loves a 30-year-old?  Is love love when siblings engage in marital relations consensually?  Is love love when you can love more than one person in polyamory?

    Where do you cross the line in genuine "love"?
  • The answer comes from CS Lewis (who quotes the Bible) on 4 different types of loves: the first 3 are biblical (In Greek words): 1-Phileo: love you have for friends that you enjoy their company; 2-Eros: romantic love that sexuality is a part of; and 3-Agape love; selfless sacrificial love which is what Christ means by "Love" and He was "(Agape) love".
  • I'd like to always say that how can you respect love above the Creator of love. If you define love as an emotion, and as human beings we are fully created by God, then emotions and love and everything else comes from God. If God tells you that it's against the nature of our body and also sinful from two same-sex humans to have sexual relations, how can "love" which He created nullify that which God commanded.

    Not that this should be taking seriously, but here is Bill Nye trying to comment about Homosexuality: 

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    I found a video that features Fr. Abraham from Holmdel NJ, giving a biblical perspective of homosexuality. +++ Same Gender Marriage - An Orthodox Perspective - Modern Challenges of Faith +++
  • I agree with Minasoliman.

  • Love is also a connection the opposite of separation. If we live in the image of Christ then we connect with Him and we also make a connection with all the ones who also faithfully lived their live's in Christ. Unity is bound by these connections. If we have a different life style, the connection is less than perfect because God's love is perfect, but we can only strive by virtue and overcoming tribulations and the guidance of God to be righteous in our choices.
    Everyone can love but not everyone has the same connection as a Christian knows their separation.
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