Verses of cymbals (bishop's part)

Hi, i'm looking for the lyric in english-coptic of the verses of cymbals, but only the bishop's part.


  • Nem pefkeshvir enlitorghos: peniot ethowab endhikeos: avva (...) pimetropolitis (piepiscobos): matagrof hijen pefethronos.

    And his partner in the liturgy: our holy and righteous father: Abba (...) the metropolitan (bishop): confirm him on his throne.
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    Thanks, and the pope's part?

    (We ask You, O Son of God, to keep the life of our patriarch, pope Abba () the archpriest, confirm him on his throne.)

    and i can't find the audio here on is there someone who have it?
  • Tentiho erok o eyes theos: ethrekareh eponkh empenpatriarshis papa avva (Tawadros) piarshi ereps: matagrof hijen pefethronos.

    You can probably find a video of a liturgy where there is a bishop present and watch the matins of it. But other than that I can't find anything.
  • We say those parts before Hiten ni epresvia.... and after scere ava antonios... which is after shere nak o pi martiros...? (for me is scere ava Antonios because of my church).

  • That is correct. In this recording by Ibrahim Ayad, he says the verses of cymbals for most saints and for the pope and bishop. I hope I have helped you find what you need.
  • Btw, skip to about 12:55 to hear the Pope's part until the end.
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