Holy Week psalm

Hello. I was wondering how to split up a psalm in the long etribi tune during Holy Week. How many times should we say Alleluia during the psalm including the last alleluia at the end of the psalm. I heard that there are 3 in the psalm and then the one at the end from LCH on YouTube, but I have heard others say more or less than 3 alleluias during the psalm. Please let me know what you think and what is correct. Thank you!!


  • Each psalm has 4 stanzas. some hours have two psalms, each of 4 stanzas, in which case you can choose either or even both to say. But the basic structure is 4 stanzas. The tune is to follow the 4-stanza structure. There are two "ways" in the edribi tune and it's chanted in the following order:

    - 1st psalm stanza in the 1st way
    - Alleluia 
    - 2nd psalm stanza in the 1st way
    - Alleluia 
    - 3rd psalm stanza in the 2nd way
    - 4th psalm stanza in the 1st way

    Some can play around with the break-up but that is not ideal and not everyone is talented enough to do so. One example would be merging the first and second stanzas of the psalm and saying it in the 1st way, but its hard because it tends to be a lot of text--this would take away one alleluia. 
  • Thanks for the quick response. But, if the psalm is long, can I perhaps break it into another stanza and add another Alleluia because it would sound off to say a bunch of words at once. I appreciate all you do for our Coptic Community and pray that this website can prosper for many, many more years.
  • I think that will create more confusion. Almost everyone knows, including the people that may not even know how to say the psalm, that they say 3 alleluia's and then stand up. Why would you mess with that?!
  • I totally get it now. Thanks for your responses as I know that you know way much more than me and have studied way more than me. I know that this forum is a reliable place to ask my questions and I know I will get an answer every time. God Bless your service!
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