How often should we have communion accoding to the fathers/bible?


  • in our church, if we miss it for more than 40 days, we should go to abouna and confess this before the next time we take Holy Communion.
    we should not just wander into church after 2 months of being 'busy' with our lives and go up to the altar and take Holy Communion without saying something to abouna.

    in the Bible, the Christians had Holy Communion once a week (acts 20 verse 7), so this should be a guide for us. obviously, we can have it more often if needed, as in monasteries etc.

    in practice, you should balance your enthusiasm to celebrate the liturgy every day with your responsibilities to your family and work or study, so you may only be able to attend liturgy once every week or two, but you should have communion with God every day in your prayers and lifestyle.
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