Je Peniot hymns?

BESIDES the Lenten gospel response and the annual communion melody, do we have any other hymns of the Lord's Prayer?


  • Lent doxology #5 (scroll down).
    Does this count?

  • edited November 2016 definitely comes close...similar to the communion melody, but, I was looking for something like what the Syrian Orthodox Church does, where at the end of the liturgy, they chant the Lord's Prayer. It would be equivalent to how we end the Fraction prayer with the Lord's Prayer, but not merely saying it but chanting it.
  • I have a hypothesis that by the way we chant "Khen PiKhristos Isous PenChois" in the liturgy that "Je Peniot" might have been chanted similarly to how we chant the gospel or the deacon response to the Confession (Amen Amen Amen, Tinahtee Tinahtee Tinahtee), if in fact "Je Peniot" was chanted, and we forgot about it.
  • I won't be surprised at all, although the Higher Institute of Coptic Studies make a point in recording both the Lord's prayer and the Creed tuneless until the last bit..
    Oujai khan ebshois
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