Which Hymn started it all?

I was just curious to know which hymn in particular sparked your love for Coptic hymns? I really want to recommend some hymns to the kids at church hoping that they might one day develop a passion for hymns like many of the members of this forum.

I'd say that Tenen was the one for me.
God Bless


  • A tai-Parthenos. 
  • For me, it wasn't a hymn. It was the Holy Spirit making intercessions with groaning that can't be heard that led me to the cantor: Fr David Bebawy. I was specifically hooked to his Tasbeha set and Taishori for Good Friday. Shortly after (if not at the same time), it was his Kiahk Arabic madeyah set with Fr Bishoy Demetrius, Fr Mikhail Tobia, Fr Mena, and Uncle Wassef. He just told me last Saturday that they did not plan to make those tapes. Fr Bishoy lost his mother and they were trying to cheer him up with tasbeha and some jokes (which they removed from the recordings) It was an off the cuff, spontaneous, lighthearted live tasebha recording with no planning or practice. 40 years later and it still sounds better than other recordings done at a studio with months of preparation. And I still feel the Holy Spirit every time I hear those records.
  • thoak ta te gom
    (yours is the power, the glory, the blessing and majesty).

    i was in brighton, about a year after starting my orthodox enquiry and 2 years before i joined the church, and the fervent love of the people for God was clearly visible.
    the church was quite full (towards the end of Holy Week) and all the congregation was singing loudly, one side at a time.
    the english translation was up on the screen, but the coptic sounded so great, i thought 'i have to learn this song!'

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