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Hi there! 

I really need some help, guidance, wisdom, something please. 
I really like this guy that I have known for maybe just over 2 years, I've liked him for a very long time. He's bought me closer to God and just been encouraging and nice to me. We get on really well too we also like a lot of the same things too (I know that this doesn't mean everything). I like him but not in a lustful way, I never have any thoughts like that about him. I don't know how to go about this. I'm at uni right now and every time I say I'm going to talk to Abouna at home something happens. I don't know if I should talk to the Abouna at uni, but that would mean I would have to FoC. I have prayed a lot about this and I feel like God isn't stopping me or putting things in the way, apart from every time I talk to Abouna. 
Just for background info I'm 20 (and a half) years old, I have this year and next year left in uni. The guy is 4.5 years older then me, which I think is reasonable from what I've been told. 

Thank you for reading, God bless you and be with you. 


  • Hi ThanksBeToGod

    You could try talking to abouna at church. Maybe God wants it discussed in His territory (church). Matters of the heart maybe better served in the sanctuary of God's temple.

    The guy sounds really good, encouraging, nice, sharing, (what friendship is about) and most important taking you on a journey with God.

      My advice is talk to abouna in church.

        In the name of the Father
        and of the Son
        and the Holy Spirit
        One God amen.
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    Thank you for your comments Joshuaa. 

    I am hoping I can speak to Abouna on Sunday, I really need to as I have been waiting for months. 
    I'm glad that he sounds good. I just hope Abouna helps me and gives me advice and doesn't just say no.

    Thank you, please pray for me.

    God bless you. 
  • Did you pray that -if God wants you to be together and this is the best choice- you will fall inlove and be full of love. Or that if this is wrong -that God will kill any attraction and not let you fall in love.

    I prayed like this and i saved me from one relationship that would have been Godless and destructive and brought me to the relationship with the one my soul love and is the only one i can see.
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