Kiahky Pachois

I have heard recording's of Pachois that have a verse for the kiahk season recorded by the HICS and Cantor Gad, but i have not found any with Cantor Ibrahim, or Cantor Albair. Can someone elaborate on this and send any recordings of other Cantors chanting it? Thanks. 


  • I've been told that if there is no recording from Moa3lim Ibrahim, HICS or any other Cantor are to be assumed as correct unless it is outdated (ex, hymns that include the name of the Pope still saying Shenouda. Change the name Shenouda to Tawadros, and any time it says pimahshomt for Papa Shenouda, change it to pimahesnav for Papa Tawadros.) Of course, I could be wrong. minatasgeel can always help us though :)
  • The simple reason is that Cantor Ibrahim simply didn't record it. His Kiahk set was done a long time ago (possibly before i was born in the late 80s) and this pachois is not really famous neither is it in many books for everyone to say it. We now are spoiled and have access to almost all hymns online--many years ago others didn't have this luxury.
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