Where can I find a website where I can buy a tonia online?

Hey I was wondering if I can find any website online that I can order a Tonia (service tunics) from. My church has a few but they're all the same and I was wondering if I find something else online.


  • Ask your Priest to see if a monastery would be able to make one for you. I am not sure where you are from, but basically in North America or Australia, the monks and nuns may make them for you if you contact the Monastery.
  • I'm in New Jersey. Thanks for the help. There's s monastery in Pennsylvania St. John Patmos monastery and I'm actually going up there shortly. So I'll keep that in mind.
  • I serve as a Deacon at a convent in Ohio. My wife is from South Jersey and I go over there often. PM me and I can see if the nuns can help you out. I also know Abouna Mauritius from St. John Patmos over in the Poconos. He comes up to the convent every once in a while. It's always better to have Abouna pick one out for you.
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