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Hey guys, I know that Beshoy means high or heavenly, but I have been told by a father before that Besho means low in Coptic. And allot of people call me Besho not Beshoy. So I just wanted to know if Besho does mean low or not


  • Nope.. Besho could be "the sand", "the thousand", but not low. I believe he may have been joking..
    Oujai khan ebshois
  • Usually the nickname I give is "Beesh".  I hope that doesn't mean anything bad either.  
  • Piswi - Beshwi or Pishoi or Pishoy means "the height". Mouawad says it can mean السُوُة . But I have no idea what this means.
    Piso - Besho or Pisho can mean "the thousand", "the sand", "the bran", or "the yes".
    Piesoi or Pi`son - Beeshoi or Pieshoi can mean "the ability to be" (this is a very loose translation that comes from verbs that are never used together)
    Pisw - Beshw or Pishw can mean "the sand" or "the sore/lesion" or "the sow/pig"
    Piesw - Beshw or Pieshw "the sow/pig"
    Piesou - Beshwo or Pieshou can mean "the tongs"
    Pisouwou - Beshwoow or Pishouwou can mean "the dry" or "the empty".
    Pies - Beesh or Piesh can mean "the crying" or "the hanging" (however es is really not a noun. I am deriving these translations from the verb form.)

    I love applied Coptic linguistics.

  • Pishwi means : High
    Pisho means: Thousand
    Pishw means: Sand

    It doesn't mean "low" at all.
  • Bisho82,
    Are you able to see the Coptic fonts? I gave the Coptic spelling but we are discussing words that give the sound "beesho" using  both GB pronunciation and OB pronunciation. That is why I have lots of potential words.

    Also, Pishowi is always a noun with the singular definite article "the height", not high (which is an adjective). 

    It is possible that the father who said "Besho" means low may have been refering to pishoowoo, not Piswho. Pishoowoo in GB or Beshwow in OB means dry or dry land. It could be understood as the ground below water which could give the impression of low. I doubt anyone would have made this connection.  
  • Hi Remnkemi
    Yes there are a lot of meanings. None of them means "Low". And yes you are correct Bishoy means The hight as a noun not an adjective.

    I was just giving the most important and popular meaning of Bisho/Bishw.

    Oujai khen epchoice
  • bisho means the sand ⲡⲓϣⲱ
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