New Church in Northeastern Ohio.

I would like to announce that the building of a new church for the St. Mary and St John the Beloved Convent in Warren, Ohio was just passed by the Howland Township trustees (the location of the convent borders the city of Warren in Howland Township) yesterday evening.

The new church will be separate from the convent and able to accommodate 250 parishioners. It will also be two floors with a seperate dining area for our after service meals, and a bookstore. As well as areas for classes or after Liturgy events.

I know that many Egyptian Christians feel that a monastery is its own entity, but we are hoping to establish a parish within the monastery that would be seperate from the monastery in some minor aspects under the guidance and blessing of the Abbotis, Mother Marina.

We also have purchased some homes around the convent that can accommodate both male and female groups.

Please pray for us, and hopefully some of you can come and celebrate the Divine Liturgy in our new church.

Deacon Gregory
St.Mary and St. John The Beloved Convent.
Warren, Ohio.


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