Apinav shobi or Al el orban on Lent Saturdays

What should be said after 41 kiriyeleyson on lent weekends (Saturday/Sunday)? I heard Al-el-korban is meant to be the alleluia in alleluia fai pe pi. However, other cantors said that this is incorrect. The lead deacon usually hands down the mic to me during this portion of the mass to say Al-el-Qorban and I do not know apinav shobi very well.

I know this has been discussed before but I didn't find a answer specific to the Lent Weekends on the forum

A great mystery, beyond all human minds, is the pursuit of our Savior, who came and became the Son of man.- Onishy emmistirion (Lenten Hymn)


  • I am looking at the Muharraq book and it's very interesting what it says for that part. in a footnote, and I am paraphrasing: the custom came to be that if the priest takes long in the procession, the people say Alli elorban followed by Fai be pi.

    So from what I understanding is that all the prayers that Abouna's do on the altar after choosing the Lamb are part of the procession and Oo-o-oo was also part of it, being inaudible. And during all that time, Alli el orban is said followed by Fai be pi. So it looks like the Alli we say in fai be pi is that alli el-orban.

    This book is an old version and has no mention of Apinav shopi. BUT, Albair's second edition has it but he says that it said after Ten-ooosht. He also mentions that Alli el orban is that first alleluia of Faibe pi. 
  • But there is no bai ba be during Lent anyway?
  • Yes Ophadece. It looks like the Muharraq book and Albairs links Alli el-orban to Fai be pi and not the other psalms. 
  • Thanks dear @minatasgeel, that's interesting really..
  • I know this is not a credible source but a pamphlet published by St. Mary St. Athanasius - Nasr City for the 2013 pope visit during a Lent Saturday wrote that Al-el-Orban  is to be said before Alleluia Je-efmevi.
    What do you guys think?
  • Actually that school is a nice school. But they are just doing what we are now talking about, saying Alli elorban on weekends and not weekdays. 
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