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  • Dear @Remnkemi,
    With all due respect to the coptologists and scientists you quoted, they are wrong. I don't know about Sa'idic but in Bohairic that is wrong. Please note that the Bible in Coptic was transferred to computer format by lay people, so mistakes are not uncommon. Indeed, I pointed out a few mistakes before in the BOOK of Jonah, and I will examine your examples above.
  • Dear @Remnkemi,
    It seems you have a different version than the Bibles I have. Anyway, first things first:

    Lk 5:21  
    According to David Wilkins, G Horner (Bohairic), Habib Guirguis, Mr. Bassem Soliman's website, Warren Wells Bohairic collection, another two website (I believe Coptic treasures is one of them, but can't be sure of the source), Coptic library on the internet (, New Testament published by William Watts book publishers, have a different syntax of the verse than the one you quoted (all of them have the same, not the one you provided). 
    However according to G Horner (Sa'idic) the syntax is similar but with "arxei" without "au" in the beginning of the word. Warren Wells Sa'idic however agrees with the syntax you quoted. 

    Gen 25:33
    According to Mr. Bassem Soliman's website, Paul de Lagarde Pentateuch, Remenkimi website,the syntax is again different and doesn't have "a" (again text in both is the same). 

    Gen 33:17
    According to Paul de Lagarde Pentateuch, and Remenkimi website the syntax is what you provided (?)

    Lev 8:21
    According to Paul de Lagarde Pentateuch, Remenkimi website, the syntax is what you provided (?) - also the verse before has the same mistake interestingly. 

    This is what I have got to, and maybe I will research these errors in the future. Interestingly Paul de Lagarde mentions in Arabic text in the beginning of the Pentateuch that few corrections were made in the year 1019.

    Oujai khan ebshois 
  • Just wanted to follow up with you guys,

    I spoke to them in Egypt and they told me that the Palm Sunday Mohayyar first verse was printed in dalal of St. Mena's monastery in 2003 or 2004. Saint Mena's Monastery has many old manuscripts and recent findings including the 9th hour exposition for Palm Sunday which was only released a few years back. 
  • Danny,
    Thank you for the update. But this really means nothing. Unless St Mena's monastery gives us photographs or copies of these manuscripts, we don't know how old they are or what provence they came from or any other information. For all we know, these manuscripts are an aberration, not the norm for Palm Sunday in antiquity. 

    Now, if the Rites subcommittee of the Synod insists on adding this verse to the hymn, then we must follow. But they need to have a good reason. Saying we found the text in a mysterious manuscripts that we can't show doesn't cut it.
  • Remnkemi, 

    I will work on getting a copy of the dalal, and the manuscripts. I believe they did release the exposition for the 9th hour of palm sunday and the manuscript behind it and that the synod okayed it. But that was a few years ago so I can't remember fully. I do agree 100% with the fact that these things need to be available to everyone. 
  • Now that you say that, I have a copy of St. Mina's holy week books. It's a 4 part set starting with one book for Palm Sunday - Wednesday of Pascha. It a very good source and nicely done in my opinion.

    And yes, the book has that A penchois before Feyet-hemsi. The ninth hour commentary is also there and there is a footnote saying that it was found in a manuscript...but there is no comment about the A penchois.

    St Mina's publications, or atleast the ones recently for church books (Agpeya, katameros psalmody..etc) has been criticized for changing some words (mostly in arabic). I like them because the format is unified and almost all arabic text has tashkeel. But they lack having comments or footnotes about these changes to justify them....i guess that's like many other church books printed in egypt that just expect you to trust their text blindly.
  • Any way that you can scan it and get us a copy Mina?
  • and the rest of the book? haha
  • lol. You're funny sometimes early in the morning :-)

    I recommend getting them from Egypt. It's a great set of books:
    1-Palm Sunday to Wednesday of Pascha
    2-Covenant Thursday
    3-Good Friday
    4-Bright Saturday and Resurrection Feast

    I used one of them a lot in preparation to bright saturday.
  • Question: Did they include To Dipno in the Holy Thursday book? 
    Seems like a set of books I need to get along with Tarteeb el bay3a lol
  • I'll check when I am home for you. I haven't really looked at that book in details since we have our own Pascha Book.

    If you can get tarteeb el bay3a books, just buy me a set with you...or i'll get to egypt first and get us both copies.
  • Uh hu hmm. Get me a copy too, please.
  • :-) are we the only ones desperate enough to go to Egypt and buy entire bookstores of liturgical based books?!
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