Do Christians worship the same God as Muslims?

Hi T.O,

You've all probably heard the news today? I'm just curious as to what you all think?

Do Christians worship the same God as Muslims?

Our Church is being references in this Western Debate as they think that we say allah in our liturgical mass, and muslims also call their god "allah". 


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    1. Simply because we use the same word to describe the supreme being doesn't mean we worship the same deity.

    2. As per your question, I suppose it is possible. Certainly the Muhammadans do not worship God in spirit and truth as they do not acknowledge His only-begotten Son and the Holy Spirit. However, in the book of Acts it is clear that some non-believers worship the true God without knowing Him. The prophet Isaiah also speaks of those who praise God with their lips but whose hearts are far from Him.

    3. Whether or not they do worship Him is irrelevant, imho. They blaspheme the most-Holy Trinity and deny the divinity of the Lord Jesus. We must therefore pray that God leads them into all truth. By claiming we worship the same God, perhaps all we are doing is pandering to their error. In so doing, we in no way further their salvation.

    "I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes unto the Father but by me."
    -The Lord Jesus Christ
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    We believe our God came and took flesh and walked among us. They do not. Therefore, we do not believe in the same God. All these debates going on are becoming ridiculous.
    Theologically and spiritually it's all different.
    Arabic Christians use Allah for God
    Arabic Jews use Allah for God
    Arabic Muslims use Allah for God

    The word God in Arabic is Allah. Since we are limited by the language we will use what's available. We do not worship the same God. This is an attempt by the confusing spirit of the anti-christ to slowly deny any distinctions between truth and error. What's stunning is that youth are starting to believe this. We absolutely do not believe in the same God. Not even the Jews believe in our God. Any denial of the Trinity and Christ's salvafic work in His incarnation automatically becomes paganism. Scripture even calls them "the synagogue of Satan" after refusing to believe. Yes even Judaism.

    I'm even more astounded at the Christian Zionist movements that stress Israel's role in Christians' lives. Zionism isn't Christian. And you do not have to support Israel to be a good Christian. You can be perfectly anti-Zionist polticially and still be a faithful Orthodox Christian. Forgive the tangent but I find it very sad at the lack of education in Christian circles nowadays.
  • God has a different personality from the god of Islam.

    Our God is love. Their god is not love
  • It is true that Christians, Jews and those who follow Islam follow the God of Abraham.
    From there the Jews didn't listen to the prophets, even killing them, only having God the Father. Then the Islamists followed only prophets with only God the Father. We have God revealed to us as the Holy Trinity, however, ChristIams disagree on the nature of God.
  • Severian, it's interesting that you mention that verse from Isaiah, because the verse right before it is a common one Muslims like to use to say that the Holy Bible predicts the coming of Muhammad as a "prophet".
  • No Christians and Muslims DO NOT worship the same God; because we cannot know God unless we know Jesus Christ. If we accept the Son, then we accept the Father. We cannot know the Father without knowing the Son. 

    If Muslims do NOT accept Christ as the Son of God; then they do not also accept the Father; nor do they KNOW the Father. So the Father we know is not the same as them. Its a completely different god. 
  • I agree with you in all but the last sentence Zoxsasi.

        To quote what you said previously John 14: 6-7     6 Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. 7 "If you had known Me, you would  have known My Father also; and from now on you know Him and have seen Him."

        I Am  God
        The way The Father.
        The Truth  Jesus Christ  Wisdom and meaning
        The Life   The Holy Spirit.

        As Jesus reveals (which is very important) that He is God, He also reveals the unity of God in the Trinity. He is no longer revealed as the Father, but revealed as the Trinity.

       We know Jesus Christ by His revelation to us, but as He says in verse 7 " If you had known Me, you would of known the Father also; and from now on you know Him and have seen Him.

       From this the separation from God by the Jews and the Muslims is that they didn't understand the way of Jesus Christ's revelation to them.
         To them, the Jews He was a teacher and to the Muslims He was a prophet, therefore they dont understand that to have the Father reveal Himself to them, the Father has to be revealed through Jesus Christ.

       I cannot say that the Father has not been revealed to the Jews or the Muslims, for they follow aspects of His commandments. But what I can say is that they have not fulfilled  the understanding of God in the way He has chosen to reveal Himself.

         Glory be to God Amen.

  • There is only one God, you cannot worship 2 different God's. You either worship the One and true God, or you don't ;)
  • Can you worship the one God and not know Him?
  • Above all, the Trinity represents unity while the Father represents authority and this is why the conflict.
  • I should of put is unity and is authorit least I sound like a protestant.
  • Brother, what are you saying?  You are confusing me.

    The mystery of the Holy Trinity encompasses two linguistic expressions.  There is an expression where the one God refers to the Father.  The other linguistic expressions includes the Son and the Holy Spirit as one God with the Father.

    Furthermore, Christ called Himself "the Way, the Truth, and the Life".  He began these three words with "I AM".  He did not say the Father is the Way, I am the Truth, and the Spirit is Life.  Let's not confuse scripture into something else, which is perfectly fine and Orthodox, but is not the main point.

    Please be a bit more careful in expressing theology.
  • Sorry minasoliman my brother

      I will explain a bit about myself. When I was ten years old, God saved my life and from this I knew His love and that I was to love Him. As I was adopted I was born into a world of strangers. All of these strangers argued and it didn't matter whether it was family, friends, countries, or religions. For me, I knew love and peace which is unity and as an adopted person, their argument was disunity. In Christian conflict it was theology at the crux of it, in which they couldn't understand the Love of God the moment they couldn't be themselves in Him, by either politics or personal reasons. An adopted person seeks for who they are, and what I saw was pride in who they were in all situations. Pride doesn't ask for help, so it doesn't move for unity. Two things I do know: God is everywhere and we are His creation and if I didn't try and get unity with this situation, then I am with the proud.

       Saint Paul won over many in his speech to the unknown God by Whom they worshiped and didn't know. So likewise, If we have the God of Abraham as something all three religions agree, then I can argue to their unknown God as the same for the sake of unity in Jesus Christ in that they know the Father ( the authority for what they do). Their problem is they lack the wisdom in this authority and as we know Jesus Christ is the wisdom of God. I am sorry if I love my enemy, but I can't  help the love that is in me because of Jesus Christ.
      The Helper the Holy Spirit searches for unity in Christ and if I don't search for unity then I feel I am letting all down in that they don't understand the reason for my love.

      I knew someone was going to say what you have said Mina and I asked our Sunday school teacher this question. She said that Jesus is the Way, then I pointed out what Jesus had said: "He who has seen Me has seen the Father; how can you say, show us the Father"? Do you not believe that I am in the Father, and the Father in Me? The words I speak to you I do not speak on My own authority; but the Father who dwells in Me does the works. I then I said, "so it is the Father who gave authority to Jesus and does the works. She said yes the Father is in the Son and that the trinity are one and that God is everywhere. So when I said the Father is the way I was speaking about the authority in been the way.
      I know Jesus is the way but I said what I said for the sake of my enemy that through the Father I can seek unity. They have made the Father an unknown God, if their God is of Abraham. Conflicts must come for the sake of fulfilment in God's word, but if there is any in which, through reason of the Father's authority, I can argue to my enemy for unity, I will do it, that he may know the love of God in Jesus Christ. 
      Separation from God is sin, so is it ok to be separated from God by theology; or by our knowledge of God; or should it be love that closes the separation, even the enemies?   Pride is sin. I will not believe I am better than others even if I am right or wrong, but be justified by the love of Jesus Christ and I know it is the pride of this world that is the stumbling block to the knowledge of Him.

       I ask for your forgiveness Minasolimon my brother in Christ Jesus.



  •    I will pray for them.

      My Lord Jesus Christ help them to know You, soften their hearts because of You for your wisdom that is the true knowledge of their salvation.
     Guide me My Lord that I may do your work by prayer in the hope of change.

       Glory and Honour  Honour and Glory be to God forever Amen.
  • Forgive me Lord Jesus for I have strayed from imitating You for you did not put forward Your Holy Father as the means of peace, but it is You whom gave Your live that we live in Your peace.
  • That's fine, but it is not out of pride that I was concerned for how you interpreted the verse. God bless you and I hope what you do helps.
  • Thanks Mina.
    I can only offer my prayers.
  • The god of the muslims lives above the 7th heaven, he has a curtain hiding him and nearby there is a desire tree, from which you can have everything you want (sidratul muntaha), and a pond (jannatul firdaus). Only muhammad met this god, in what the muslims call the 'night journey' (so our Lord Jesus never met him, which means he is definitely *not* the Father, even less the Holy Spirit...) 

    muhammad took a half-mule-half-horse up the skies, and saw 'Adam' in the first heaven, 'Jesus' (actually, their 'prophet isa') and 'John the Baptist' (actually their 'prophet yahya') in the second, and so on, 'Elijah', 'Moses', etc in the other heavens. 'Moses' was in the 7th heaven. Moses followed muhammad above the 7th heaven to meet the muslim god that has a proper name, 'Allah' (which, for them, means not only 'God' in Arabic, but the name everyone around the globe should call him...)

    muhammad met 'Allah' and 'Allah' told him his ummah (community) would have to pray 50 times a day (...)
    muhammad turned back to 'Moses' and 'Moses' said they wouldn't be able to do that, it was too much, etc (indeed, what time would be left for jihad?) and told muhammad to go back to 'Allah' and BARGAIN the number of prayers with him... so he went back to 'Allah' and bargained, and 'Allah' told him his ummah should pray 5 times a day. 'Moses' told him it was still too much and he should go back and bargain more, but, in accord to the narration, muhammad was too shy to keep bargaining with 'Allah', and that's why the muslims pray 5 times a day...

    Needless to say the reason why some names here are between quotation marks or not starting with capital letters...
    And if any of you know islamic eschatology, you know their 'Allah' revealed to their 'prophet', who revealed to his 'ummah' that 'Jesus' (aka their 'prophet isa') is in the 2nd heaven waiting to come back to kill the dajjal (their 'Antichrist'), pray behind the imam mahdi, kill the pigs, break the cross, pledge allegiance to the caliphate, get married, have kids and finally die. He will show up in a minaret of a mosque in Syria (no, really), and will get out of there and do all these things already told.

    By the way, once, long time ago, a man got stuck inside the minaret of this mosque I forgot the name, and started screaming, and devout muslim people thought it was 'prophet isa' coming back...

    So basically our God is not the muslim god at all. Besides, the interpretation of the final verses of Surah Fatiha about the deviated ones and the ones under the wrath of 'Allah' is that the first ones are the Christians and the last ones are the Jews.
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