Developers needed for a bible app (75% done)

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Hi people,
we're a small group of 2/3 developers working on Bible app with verse by verse commentaries from early church fathers. Our app has won "People's Choice Award" in the "Global Hackathon".
Here is a screenshot of what the app looked like 2 weeks ago (work is still in progress), it runs on both iOS and Android (trying to get it for Windows too)
hoping that the screenshot actually works (here is a link that hopefully works:
Anyway, we need some developers working with us on expanding the featurea and the database.
you can use any language, any framework, whatever you want. the tasks could be done using C or Python or Assembly law 3ayez.
email me at [email protected]

God Bless


  • God bless your efforts! I cant wait to download it when its done! by the way....I see a lot of typos and strange words in the pic you attached....may want to fix it ;)
  • yea that's an old build, we fixed most of that, there are still some weird things. that's why we're looking for people to help us get it done
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    Wow! good work, bible apps on android have been really lacking, and this has commentaries form church fathers, this will be awesome.
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