Handling sarcasm for being a Christian


I'm just curious to know how you all handle sarcasm, or derogatory comments about your faith?

Surely, whilst living in the west, we are a minority in a very aggressive atheist environment. Most conversations start like this: :

"Oh, where does your name come from".

Then your life story starts to begin :"Well, its a Coptic name".

"Oh - what's that? Are you muslim?"

"no - I'm Christian"

"Ha! You still believe in God?? Here are a few good jokes about your religion..."

I'm sure you've all been through this. I have anyway; and at times, I'm not sure what the correct Christian behavior is??

What is it? To answer them? To walk away? To use this as an opportunity to evangelise?

If I were to turn the tables, and I found someone being ridiculed over their faith that I do not share, I would defend that person immediately. Its clearly the case that minorities in any environment are going to be ridiculed.


  • You embrace the humour with goodwill. :)
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    I listen to what they are saying because they are telling me how they see and feel about life.
    Are they generalising or can they talk about specifics because if they talk generally then they have given what they are saying not much thought and I can carry on with my own thoughts. If they are being specific then I can debate and exchange our opinions.
    There are two debates that go nowhere and that is the I'm right arguments and the yes no arguments. They go forever, often without acknowledgement of the others point of veiw.

    I also look I look at the ego and compare it with the word of God and know that the ego thinks it's perfect but is fallable. So when it comes to learning about situations in life the ego can't compare with what God shows us or what we read in the bible.

    Richard Dawkins is coming out to my country and I was thinking about him last night. It's just that we have two different arguements. I see his one as being about the past, evolution and so forth and science which I feel when it comes to developing people's personality is for the select few.
    Whereas, God teaches us more about who we are on a personal level and what the future can hold instead of what the past says who we are.
  • Prayers are always the answer.
  • Use terms like "evolved" and say things in "billions" of years. If a person is that ignorant towards Christians and generalizes us all together, say things that will confuse them to show their ignorance.
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