Coptic Church views on abortion?

Hey, just wondering what our church's stance is on abortion.


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    Whenever we ask what the "church's view" is on a particular subject we have to also keep in mind what the church is preserving and not just what it's against. The Church is preserving life and the image of God which is sacred in every human born or unborn.

    To answer your question, the church is against any and all forms of abortion with the exception of when the mother's life is at risk. In this scenario, the mother has the option to save the child and relinquish her own life (which won't count as sin on her part) or relinquish the child and save her own life (which again won't count as sin on her part).

    This is the only case I am aware of that allows for sanctioned abortion in the Orthodox Church. 

    You can read the Didache on this site to see what the apostles said about
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