New Website for Coptic Hymns and manuscripts

A new website had been released from few months.
It's Called "Coptic Hymns Library - Cantor Hanna Rizk".
It's specified in Coptic Hymns from everywhere From Alexandria till Aswan Specially Unknown Cantors who lived in the Upper Egypt.
You can find almost all hymns recorded, like this one
Here is an example for "Coptic New Year Hymns" for All the Cantors
You will find many things that are uploaded in internet for the first time.
it will be a very huge one and it has massive and rare contents.
we have a complete hard disk for this only, thank to Father monk Abraam Elabnoby from Saint Mina Monastery in Abonb Mountain of Sohag who sent us most of these data.
He gave me his permission to share all these old cassettes.
we have also many old manuscripts.
We start uploading from few time so we will upload everything almost over a year.
We are not competitors to this website or any site.
we would like to share everything we have and help everyone.
Every thing is for free, you have only to register... that's all.
Thank You.

(I told minatasgeel to announce this)


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