Marrying from overseas

Hi all so I was raised in America but have been seeing this guy from church for 2 years. He hasn't been in America long and I am the one pushing to get married cos I know he is the one for me. Peoples reactions to our engagement is brutal. I know for a fact people are saying that he is marrying me for the greencard. I know in my heart that he is not. If anything HE is the one who is not pressuring me at all and has brought me closer to God and the church.

My question is why are people in our church so judgemental and can't see the good in people or be happy for them?


  • Speak to your father of confession.  Don't listen to random people at your church (or on the internet for that matter).
  • Hi Coptic Girl,

    I really liked Qawe's response. I would have to agree with him. Even, I may add this: let's say he is the right one for you and he still benefits from marrying you by having the greencard or naturalisation in the USA; that's OK. So what??

    What if I marry the girl of my dreams who happens to own a car. Because i've never been able to afford a car, will people say: "Oh, he's just marrying her to get a car?"

    To be honest, it sounds absurd that someone will just marry ANYONE for the sake of obtaining something like citizenship or a nice house. They may need some of the benefits that come with the union of 2 persons, but it doesn't mean that it is the reason for the union.

  • Seek your dad's advice first and foremost, then the advice of your spiritual guide and also the father of confession of your potential fiancée. It is important to have a second opinion about the person.

    The close relations that ethnic Copts enjoy in the churches are a true blessing, but come with some inconveniences at times.
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