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I have a collection of crosses similar to the one a priest would hold/carry (the collection contains about 10-15 crosses give or take). I was taught by a servant when I was younger to hold a cross when praying alone, since then I've been buying them left and right. (As for praying with a cross it's nothing necessary but it doesn't hurt either). Ever since then, I also carry a small one with me in my pocket at all times (it's never taken out). The issue is that lately, I've been looking at the crosses lying around and for some strange reason, I feel a bit guilty (idk why???). I was just wondering if it's alright to have a lot of crosses that some people say belong only to a priest?


  • Hello beloved,

    What your servant taught you is something I've been taught as well. I believe Father Matta El-Maskeen also gives the advice in a few of his books.

    In fact there is a nice elderly grandpa at our Parish who carries a smaller one in his pocket much like you describe; though you can see it peeking from the top of his shirt pocket sometimes.

    I don't believe owning them and using them in your private discipline as a general rule is anything to feel guilty about; though you should certainly take the advice of your spiritual father as to whether or not it is appropriate for you as an individual to use one, and when and how to use one.

    One alternative source of the guilt to consider (and perhaps to discuss with your spiritual father) might be the "collection" aspect. Perhaps God is calling your heart to repentance for allowing a spiritual thing to become simply another source of materialistic gathering?

    Another option might be how you perceived them when you saw them lying around. Perhaps you felt like you were not offering the symbol of the Holy Cross proper respect by leaving them about.

    A third option may be that it is simply a form of spiritual attack, a doubt planted in your mind to prevent you from benefiting from the veneration of the Holy Cross.

    Ultimately it is difficult if not impossible for any of us to really know or advise you deeply in this matter. Bring it up to your spiritual father and trust his guidance.

    God be with you!
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