Guide: How to download any hymn from or any site directly to your iPhoneiPad [Verified]

I have noticed a problem about how to download a hymn, praise .....etc directly from (or any site) to your iPhone/iPad [without Jail breaking]

** I have tried it on my iPhone and it works like a charm.

Let's start:

1- Download an application called "Documents Pro 7" from App Store (there are 2 versions, paid and free, download the free one), or from here.


2- Open "Safari" or any other browser you like, and navigate to the Hymn you want on

3- You will find the hymn Opening and playing like this


4- Click on "Done", and click on URL title, Then Select All and Copy.


 5- Open app "Documents Pro 7", and Click on tab called "Downloader".


6- Paste the Hymn url you have copied into text bar, Then hit "Go".


7- You will find a new button called "Download" appeared, Click on it.


8- You will find the downloaded file like this.


9- If you download more, Click on "Open Folder" in the previous image, so you can view all download hymns.


10- You can also make new folders and arrange them as you want, even you can rename files.


11- Done. :)



  • For Android? :)
  • TITL said:

    For Android? :)

    What a heathen software...

    ...(just kidding)
  • We need to convert you, Mina!
  • I am too attached to the my heresy, the iPhone :P
  • i just got an iphone, before i had a samsung....and i don't really care :p
  • I am too attached to the my heresy, the iPhone :P

    I, too, would be attached to a device if I spent nearly half my fortune buying it ;)

    Literally the only thing iPhone beats Android in is it's camera. Enjoy your selfies, Minas!

    Anyway, how do I get this app on my phone? @tenoosht

  • On Android you just click Download and the file downloads.

    I've seen a lot of iPhone users have trouble with downloads though, so thank you MeenaSamy for your post. 
    God bless you
  • Clicking download just takes me to a separate page where it plays the content. It doesn't download to my phone though.
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