Need help

Want to down load mid night praises to my I pad


  • I think that you can't download it iPad directly
    I have an iPhone too
    You can only listen to them
    If you press the Download button, it will play it.
    Here is a solution that can help
    You may download what you want to a Computer first, then Sync them with iTunes or iTools.
    or there is another solution that you can try which lets you download music mp3 files directly to your iPad, you have to "Jailbreak" and download "Safari Download Manager" from Cydia then you can download from safari, more explanations here.

  • There are other apps that might work, like Filer, where you can browse sites and download.  There is "Filer Lite", which is free (but will limit you to seven files to download), and "Filer" you have to pay.  I forget how much, it's been a while, but I like it and I still use it.  But Filer does work and can download hymns here.

    There might be some free apps out there as well that I may not be aware of.
  • Check Your PM :)
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