How Can I Change the Resolution on Coptic Presentations Menu?

Hi guys,

Does anybody know how to set the presentations menu to widescreen, or 16:9 aspect ratio? I'm referring to the PowerPoint style program created by St Shenouda's church in Canada.

It IS possible, I have seen it done in Brighton church. However at my own church and at home, I can't manage to do it.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you

PS: I apologise if there is already a thread for this topic - I ran a few searches and couldn't find this specific issue.


  • it has to do with the PC's's not about if "it can be done" or's about the pc you are viewing on it. Also, the menu and the presentations are totally separate. the menu is created in flash...and the presentations are simply powerpoint shows. 
  • I don't think that's entirely correct Mina. A true widescreen powerpoint presentation is a setting within Microsoft Powerpoint. MS PP defaults to 4:3 aspect ratio. The Coptic presentations from St Shenouda were formatted on this 4:3 ratio and there is nothing anyone can do except change the original format. Since the presentations are locked, this can only be done by the author. 

    The only workaround to this is to change the resolution of the end user computer that it is being viewed on. But when you change the local computer resolution, you are not getting a true widescreen ratio. You're getting a larger/smaller 4:3 ratio. I think this is what epshiri was describing the "Brighton church" did. 

    If one were to reformat the original presentations to true widescreen, it would look a lot more functional since it can fit more text in a slide. 
  • That's what I meant...i wasn't referring to actually changing the ppts to 16:9, but the OS stretches that to fit a 16:9 laptop screen.
  • Sorry for the incredible late reply guys. I was meaning to update this thread alot sooner for anybody searching the forums for the same thing, but I forgot and then went back to university.

    I sorted it out.

    I did what Renmnkemi suggested regarding the resolution - I right clicked on the desktop screen (on the laptop running coptic presentations) and selected 'screen resolution'. I then lowered it to 1024x700 (approx) and it worked perfectly.

    Now the text reaches the very edges of the display on both the source laptop, and the output monitors. 

    Thanks for the help guys
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