Does anyone know where/how/who can print temporary icons? 

I'm also looking for different sequences churches placed their saint pictures (not referring to disciples, archangels, St. Mark..etc). I've seen some parishes do the life of Christ (from incarnation to ascension) around church; is that Oriental? I've seen it more in the Greek churches. 

Anyone who wants to take pictures of their church to post here, feel free to do so! :) Or you can PM me!



  • When I was studying in the Caribbean, I wanted our prayer meetings to feel somewhat like home.  I google image searched high quality Coptic icon jpeg's of Christ Pantocrator and the Theotokos, saved them, went to a print shop and asked for these two pictures to be printed and laminated.  That's how we did it, and when we had a visiting priest to give us the liturgy and the Eucharist, I brought these two icons along.  Hopefully it's still in the club's locker today.
  • I'm thinking the lighting will reflect off the laminated picture making it hard to see for some people in the back? Not sure...

    Thanks for the idea though! I'm looking at different printing offices right now for the lowest price :) 
  • Good point...did not think of it that way. We were a small group, so it wasn't meant for a bigger setting
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    http://becomeorthodox.org/the-slow-death-of-iconography-in-the-coptic-orthodox-church/ Another example of how the church is failing [ edited by admin ]
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