Metropolis Anba Bishoy Visit Patriarch Antonuis of Eritrea

Hi all, 

A news from Eritrean Diocese of North America  (under Anba Mekaruis) stated that Anba Bishoy visited H.H Abune Antonius and confirmed that H.H is well.  Patriarch Abune Antonius was uncanonically removed and has been under the house of arrest for about ten years. 

Is there  any news released from the Coptic church (i.e El Keraza)? 

Let us all pray that  the Lord release him and return him to his seat. 


  • This is good news, since so many people have rumored that he was killed. Praise God he is alive and well, and may the Lord strengthen the Eritrean Church and bring back her shepherd in safety.
  • This patriarch has a special crown in eternity reserved for his sufferings which he endured. God bless him. He is a modern day example of a father of fathers and a spiritual son of St Athanasius & St Dioscorus, sharing in their suffering and humiliation but later crowned with glory for not giving in.
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