• Anba Youseff of Bolivia
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  • God bless this church and its servants. Very nice pictures. I think the young priest in the pics is an angel. God bless him and his family. 
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    Zoxsasi said:

    Very nice pictures.

    It does not seem very nice to me.  It is a "mission" church, which (in the words of H.G. Bishop Youssef of SUS) 'simply takes a Protestant church mindset and inserts liturgies and sacraments'.
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    What's a "mission" Church? 

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    Call this Church whatever you like, but I know that Christ is in their midst. Not all Churches in Canada & especially Montreal, are the same. 

    God bless them and their service. 
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    I don't know anything about them apart from the pictures we both saw and their website:

    ^Not very reassuring.  Similarly for some of the preachers they link to under "Media > Sermons > Orthodox Sermons".
  • I really agree with Quiet Time. You need time to read the Bible, Qawe. How in anyway is this unorthodox??

    You don't even need to go to Church to read the Bible and have your own Quiet Time. You can just DIY in your own home. 

    Look my dear fellow: 

    There is a strong protestant movement coming into the Church. Its Charismatic, its nauseating, its unorthodox. THIS IS NOT IT. These are very very Orthodox people. 
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