What was so bad about the Tree?

In the Beginning, God told Adam & Eve to not eat from the fruit of the tree of knowledge. "if you eat from it, you will surely die".

What was so bad about this tree? 

Why did God create a tree whose fruit, if consumed, will cause mankind to die?

What was the purpose of this tree?

Who was this tree created for?

What sort of fruit did this tree bear? 


  • The tree in itself was not bad but the disobedience of eating from it out of the appointed time which many fathers argue was inevitable. In other words, God would've permitted them to consume from the fruit at the time of His choosing. "For everything there is a season". Becoming overly fixated on the tree itself is problematic. That was Origen's mistake when he started likening the tree to our private parts in the center of our bodies as the tree was in the center of the garden. Just as lust is forbidden, the tree was also forbidden. We have to take biblical interpration to its proper place and not any further and be content with the mystery.
  • It is well known that the Tree of Life represent the Cross and Christ.  They are to avoid "knowledge of good and evil" and choose life because that is more important.

    What is "true knowledge"?  Consider a relationship with your mother.  Is describing the color of your mother's hair or eye color or skin color or type of car she likes really makes someone qualified to say that they "know" your mother?  True knowledge is relationship!  That is true life.  Only in this relationship would then one be lead to have knowledge of good and evil in a mature manner, so that it does not corrupt you at the wrong time you receive such knowledge.

    Up until today, we seem to have a lust for curiosity to "know" every answer in the book.  But some people need time to digest other issues before moving on to more knowledge.  Otherwise, you will be scandalized and not ready to receive it in the correct manner.  Then you will forfeit the "Tree of Life" as you place more importance to abstract knowledge than to your relationship with Christ.  Seek Life first, and then all things will come in due time.
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