khristos anesti el kebeer

listen to this beautiful one by cantor Wissa atyia:


  • Thank you Mina!

    Do you have anything for Holy Week?
  • Amazing. Would love to associate a face with the voice any pictures of him? Any idea when this recording was made?
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    this is a picture of cantor Wissa holding el3ood
    most of the recordings are between 1955 to1975 (i added the echo)


  • Not sure if this was talked about in the forum before, but here it goes:
    This cantor extends the "thanaton" part whereas a lot of other recordings (HICS, Farag, IA) shorten it. What's the deal?
  • To the untrained ear, the music of Khristos Anesti sounds like it repeats itself in the second half.  So they think that the notes or hazzat for "Khristos anesti ek nekron, thanato thanaton" is the same as "paticac ke tic en tic mni maci zoeen xaricamenoc" and they look at that and think that thanaton must have the same musical notes as xaricamenoc, which we all agree has those extra notes of which you speak.

    However, our primary source for all hymns is Muallim Mikhail the Great.  If you listen to his recording provided in HCOC's Ressurection Production, he does not include the extension on thanaton.  Therefore, the correct way of saying is the way put forth by HICS, Farag, IA, etc.  If you listen closely to the hymn, you will hear that the two halves indeed have different music.  The transition from anesti ek nekron to thanato is not the same as from paticac to ke tic en tic mni.

    Plus, Khristos Anesti is one of those hymns that's so common that people
    often don't even bother to review it so they forget about these little
  • Thank you  :-bd
  • this end of thanaton was also recorded by cantor Tawfiq and cantor 3abdo ishak....but of course not many care to listen!

    but i refer to stick to the one recorded by cantor Mikhail
  • Agreed with Mina, things were never as standard as they are now. Cantors prayed the hymns and whatever came out came out :)
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