• Lord have mercy.
    PiKhristos Aftonf.

    "Following Christ in a Violent World," presented to the Orthodox Student Association of Finland in 2003. Source:
  • God repose their souls
  • We have today an open Synaxarium being written by modern blood and faith. Perhaps God in His mercy has taken this chance to crown this generation as something special similar to the mythical status we've given previous ones. Perhaps in His wisdom we are to benefit from the seeds of the martyrs today rather than continue taking for granted the stories we often read in the Synaxarium so that we too, as previous epochs, may have an abstract reality in which the faith of God is tested and victorious. 
    I think because many Christians have become materialistic and hypocritical, God in His love sought to bring us back to remembrance of our fallibility & nakedness through these martyrs, these simple men and women who are butchered in the Middle East and beyond reminding us of our end daily, yet some of us go on without hesitation rather than transfiguring our lives.

    We pity them and their families, but we are the ones enslaved by materialism, self love, ego, and argumentativeness, thinking we are serving the simple faith of the fishermen. Let us pray for our souls and may their prayers be with us.
  • Well written Tobit!
    Glory to God!!!
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