How to Raise Kids to be Strong in Faith


I just want to know if there are any parents here who can perhaps share some wisdom or advice as to how to raise kids so they grow in faith. Raising children seems like being given a piece of clay which you can mould. Of course there are some traits that are inherent that we cannot change. On child has a nature of being emotional and caring, and another is given a talent of being smart and industrious. 

We can teach our kids to speak a language. We just practice it.

How on earth can you teach anyone about God? Especially in Atheist-Secular Europe? 

Praying with Children is good. We tend to pray as a family before meals, before sleeping, before going to school; but that's ultimately because I firmly believe that my kids should thank God, not me, for everything they have. I want them to depend on God for their day to be blessed. 

But how do you cope if your parents-in-law are atheists?? Its a very ugly, very cold environment. Life, with God, can be warm, can be comforting, can be full of joy; and yet when I deal with atheists, I feel already there's a grey cloud over me.

Does anyone have the same problem?
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