Psalmody Book w/Coptic Presentations Translation


Is there a Coptic/English/Arabic/Romanized Coptic - English/Romanized Coptic - Arabic Psalmody (hard copy or PDF) that uses the same English translation as Coptic Presentations? (

We currently use printed copies of this Psalmody at church:

But the English translation does not match at all that of Coptic Presentations.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


  • Not sure about a book, but here is a PDF of the presentation:

  • 1-There is hope to develop a standard translation to use instead of this one.
    2-That being said, I am told this translation is supposed to follow the English Tasbeha recorded St. Antony Monastery, CL. So we have that here:
    But it's not taken from the presentations, it's taken from the audio tasbeha directly. 
  • tenoosht: Thank you. I'm looking for a book/pdf with the same five columns as this: We find that having the Coptic written in English/Arabic really helps those that are new to tasbeha.

    mina: Thank you. Do you know if this standard translation is being actively worked on?

    You are right that the presentations translation follows St. Antony's recordings. Interestingly enough, the monastery released a Psalmody sometime within the last three years (definitely after the recordings) that uses a different translation than the recordings!
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