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Hey guys :D

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Out of curiosity, I was just wondering if anyone knows what the church says tattoos and piercings? My mom has always brought me up thinking that it was next to the ULTIMATE sin to have a tattoo, but that was just her opinion.

Thanks in advance your replies.
God Bless


  • "You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks on you: I am the Lord" Leviticus 19:28
  • lol no, your mom is right, the church doesn't like tattoos and stuff like that at all (except for these little crosses on your right hand, 1 Rom : 1). There are some verses in the Bible:

    Lev. 19:28
    'Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks on you: I am the Lord'

    you'll find the same message in Lev. 21: 5 and in Deut. 14:1 , 14:4 and in Jeremiah 16:6

    And by the way don't forget that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit (Cor. 6:19) and by getting any tattoo or piercing you're making yourself a slave of other things (sorry, I don't know how to explain that part :-[)

    Take a look at Ex. 21:6

    I hope you unserstood my lousy English :)
  • tattoos are a weird thing.....

    Among the ancient (and modern) pagans, it was believed that when you tattoo yourself, a certain "spirit" will reside in you permanently.....for example, if you were a Masai who tattooed a design resembling the god of Kiliminjaro, then the spirit of the god of Kiliminjaro will reside in you permanently (not necessarily saying the Masai do this....just giving a hypothetical example).

    I used to have an acquaintenance who was involved in a Satanic coven at one time....he tattooed the Inverted Pentragram with 666 on his he hears voices and enters into certain "possessed"-like trances all the time. So I truly believe that there is more truth to this ancient pagan tradition than we would like to think.

    I also think that this "possession" can take more "innocuous" paths.....for example, I have certain leftist-politically-motivated tattoos which I received back in my so-called punk-days....and now I have a hard time shaking off this "leftist hatred" which seems to be permanently ingrained in me......could there be certain "spirits" (though not necessarily outright demon-possession) which take less obvious forms? (e.g. like if someone had an inappropriate, pornographic picture tattoo, maybe they have problems with lust their whole life).....spirits (or as the medievals would call: "humours") which become permanently imbibed through tattoos?

    .....i dunno....just conjectures
  • hey guys i was wonderin while on this topic

    i know ppl in ma church that have 'huge' tatoos of the cross, jesus and saints on their arms
    do u think thats wrong and the only one we should have is a little coptic cross on our right wrist??
    ur sister in christ
  • yar mazza i was thinking the exact same thing. coz some people (i dont want to judge) but they have it there for fun or to show off whatever rather than it symbolising so yar is it a sin?

    GB ALL
  • anyone?? would b gr8 2 hear from use :D
  • AMEN lol :D :D

    GB ALL
  • We had a huge lecture on this a while ago. According to my priest, its wrong unless its the tiny cross because otherwise its to show off and thats a sin. Also about piercings, those are wrong for guys because males should not decorate their body, and for girls its been an extremely long tradition to accept one piercing in the hole, but really nothing else. It was a very long time ago so i don't remember his exact words but he wasn't saying anything like "THIS IS AN INCREDIBLY HUGE SIN AND YOU'LL BE SHUNNED FOREVER" he was easy going and just basically said, usually this stuff is to show off and its not necessary but you make your own decisions. Personally, i like not having pictures on myself and i'm scared of needles anyway lol. And if i ever want to have the grace and class of jackie kennedy, i can't really have 5 holes in each ear lol.
  • thanks guys; your replies really helped! I was thinking along the same lines too :D

    God Bless
  • yea thanx helped me aswell
  • I guess you guys are right about many of these things mentionned above. But maybe some have had many life-saving miracles happen to them or maybe they have their own reasons for having a certain tattoo(s) on their bodies (this definitely does not include piercings). But would that mean that they are also trying to show-off something? maybe not necessarily everyone. Forgive me for my stubbornness.

    Pray for me. Your brother in Christ, Kevin
  • thats fine
    ur jus givin ur opinion ;D
  • Is it still a sin to get another tatoo of a cross? (other than the little one on our right wrist).
  • it's not about it being a sin in itself, it's mainly the purpose and intentions that could make a sin out of it. But if u really love God with all ur heart, i dont think u'd feel u need such a tattoo. The only reason i could figure for such a tattoo, is pride, showing off etc. So in that case i would see it as a sin yes.
  • ...this is kinda for the person who was talking about spirits and the pagans.....u_stole_my_name....

    can't you get tatoos removed?

    and once you get it removed, does that mean that the spirits leave you?

    pray for me
  • Alright be tattooed or not to be tattoed? that is the question.
    Dany is a loser...haha....I just wanted to bring something up: by the way, for those ppl who said that its a sin depending on what u do with ur tattoo, i completely agree with u. I mean, my oldest abouna in my church over here has the hugest tattoo on his arm!! abouna a sinner cause of that? i mean...think about it.... he tries to hide it but at some points his sleeve fell back and i definitely saw it.... i dunno guys....doesnt seem all that just all depends WHAT ur tattooing AND most importantly, ur reason for doing so. I know this is repetition now, but thats the main point, at least in my point of view.
  • [quote author=dany link=board=1;threadid=1560;start=15#msg25035 date=1116278597]
    I mean, my oldest abouna in my church over here has the hugest tattoo on his arm!! abouna a sinner cause of that? i mean...think about it.... he tries to hide it but at some points his sleeve fell back and i definitely saw it....

    lol you saw your priest with a huge tattoo on his arm? what is it a tattoo of? ;)
  • The Resurrection of Christ
  • Thats awesome! If I had ever gotten a tattoo, I would've wanted one like that. :D
  • so guys what is the different between a TATTO and a TATTO CROSS???????????
  • Hey,
    look I have a mini cross on my right hand that symbolizes God on the cross i got it when i was 5 yrs old
    see does that mean i have a tatoo, well maybe americans can say that, but us egyptians (coptic christian) love our cross that is on our hands
  • dany just don't tell about the many others with tattoos, cuz if it's a sin he'll get stoned :P (sorry ppl we happen to b good friends) :) :) :) aah i love yu danielll!!!! ::) ;D

    God bless you all and may He enlighten your minds with His divine wisdom.

    Pray for me.
  • "Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? " (1 Corn 3:16)
    I think that sums it up. Would you punch holes in a church when there is no need to? will you paint the church in a manner in appropriate? Do NOT do to your bodies what you wouldn't do to a church.
    Just my 2 cents.
  • theres nothing wrong with tattoos period, the out does not always show the in. have the mind and the heart first.

    tatoo crosses only came to be during the time of persecution. we remember their pain, and we proudly and openly testify to his name(for he who denies me before men, i also will deny him before my father in heaven)

    so if thats not what u had in mind, forget about it. if u truly know in heart that what u do is righteous, u would not ask, bc the holy spirit in u knows. if u had second thoughts about ur intentions, you would doubt, for once again, the holy spirit knows.

    my opinion lies in hos erof's post, so my job is done here.
  • good stuff guys thnx

    GB ALL
  • my dad says that tatoos used to be for slaves or cows to mark there masters the ring for slave and they burn a stamp and make a scar on the cows body....
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