Near Death Experiences

My question is about Near Death Experiences. Some of these experiences are undergone while being declared clinically dead. I am wondering why many of these experiences are contradicting and conflicting in content? Like having our Lord be the same as He is referred to in the Gospels, while others report experiences with Christ telling them that it doesn't matter what religion you're from, only that you do works of love for your fellow humans. Another thing is how far more often people feel bliss and joy. Many of the people who experience this are in fact nonbelievers, some convert to Christianity, and some remain in their respective faiths (Mormonism).

A very high number of people have had these experiences while clinically dead (up to 8 million in America alone), and the vast majority of them describe it as extremely comforting and joyful to the point that they are very dismayed when they somehow come back to life.

I find this phenomenon extremely confusing. Any light that can be shed on this?


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