What's The Longest Hymn In The Coptic Church

Im really curious to know


  • Teoi enhikanos the great, mostlyrecorded in kiahk sets
  • I thought It was Al-nos-el-leil
  • Hmmm. well, M Gad has teoi enhikanos longer:

    I think Abouna Metias has teoi around 37mins. M Tawfik I think is around 40 mins too

    I still like the full alli-elorban around 10 mins :-)
  • Nope.. the original sad Catholic reading for Holy Thursday is not less than 45 minutes.. do you listen to Albair a lot?
    oujai khan ebshois
  • You mean praxis, Praxeonton....that is not really considered a hymn....it's a reading and it doesn't have to be said in it's entirety. Like you can say the erepo esmo part in the long shere (praxis response)...and there is also a hos erof section (i think). 

    In church, which ever deacon is going to say it, about tells him, you ahve 20 mints, say whatever you want in it :-)
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    Sorry the acts of course.. thank you @minatasgeel.. what's a hos arof section?
    oujai khan ebshois
  • I need to hear it and let you know. It has been a while since I have heard it. M Ibrahim records all of it beautifully in the hole week set. 
  • Okay, I'm talking about al nos el leil not al el Korban, and I find the cantors who record ten Oweh enni kanos are fairly slow in their recordings.......and btw epraxsaynton is repeated so I would'nt consider it as a long hymn also just like the 7 ways
  • The longest hymn of its own in my opinion is the Great Hoos. It doesn't have segments that repeat over and over in the same way. Al nos el leel takes from the Hoos. Teoi the Great in my opinion isn't the longest because its ending is the same as the medium one. Its just an extension of the regular one, or it is the original that got shortened which ever way you want to consider it. Definitely these two though
  • Yes but the greatest out of all the kiahky hosat is the 3rd kiahky hos which is barely a hymn by its own because it's has allot of parts from other hymns such as Pek-ethronos Evlogimenos Tenen and so on
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