man vs. person-- who was created first?

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Hey guys…today my religion teacher made a statement that was rather disturbing. He said that in the book of Genesis, when it says God created man in his own image, it actually means God created a PERSON in his own image. He says the word ‘man’ actually comes from the Hebrew word for ‘person’. So, my religion teacher concluded that we’re not certain if Adam was a man. This is rather bizarre. If Adam was not a man, what was he? He couldn’t have been a woman, otherwise, how would he and Eve have made Cain and Abel? Not only that, but there are MANY other accounts in the bible where ppl were called “man” and we know FOR SURE that they are males.
I don’t know…i was going to discuss this with my teacher but we were running out of class time….can any of you please explain this ‘hypothesis’ to me…its not credible
Thanks for your time guys, GB++


  • hi every body

    I am not sure what exactly the point your teacher wanna say ..

    but....adam was a man and he got his wief and his kids cain and

    habile....he felt in sin he died like any body else....

    and do not forget god gave an order to adam to increase the

    people in all the earth (execuse my spiling)

    that's mean it's one nation....

    God bless
  • Youstina...I think maybe your teacher needs to study his religion more before he tries to teach you guys about it! I find the same thing with my religion teacher, like she tried to tell us that St. Mary had other kids after she had Jesus. I don't really know where they get this stuff, but it's so weird!!! ::)
  • your absolutely right...where they get their sources is beyond me :-\
  • Hey guys by the way do you mind if I ask you what is your
    teacher's religon? ;)
  • Like you said, he had to be a man to be able to have kids..and many many many verses in the Old Testament say: "...Your father Adam...." If I am not mistaken..a father would be a male..if not, I must be really offending my dad ;)
  • Well thats a new and very disturbing theory...another reason why public schools aren't as bad as they seem! religion out of the curriculum = less messed up and religiously confused students!
  • You have to be really careful listening to school religion teachers, cos they often say a lot of rubbish...My religion teacher used to say that Jesus had brothers, and that the bible is a novel and that there is no way to comunicate with God and we are just guessing/ hoping God exists- but we cant be sure.. I used to hear so many wrong things at school, I just gave up listening to it and trying to respond...

    May God help them to see the Truth

  • My advice to people is to NEVER EVER take religion classes. Nobody understands their own religion well enough, never mind other's religions to be able to teach them.

    I love comparative religions and even Scholarly Biblical Study and have taken many courses in both areas in university. But I'm blessed with this strange ability to just approach that stuff as interest and not spiritual education.

    Good luck and God Bless
  • jus tel him 2 get a life lol
    - let me gues, does he teach science aswel??? lol cus if he does wel dats wer his getin his ideas from

  • I agreed with the statement until you said he was not a Man... which is very hard to believe that a teacher would actually say a statement of that sort in a religion class. if he did say the exact words "adam was not a man" then dont let it go, and make sure it becomes a big deal... tell the principal, your parents, your other christian teachers... this is not a matter that would be taken lightly.
  • what do u say to what that teacher said, if he even proves it with greek translations, how do u keep it a big deal wen u cant go against him in is translation?im sure the prinicpal would believe just the same, b/c they are all getting it from the same source, curriculum ?
  • then it need to be taken to the bishop, if a christian school... plus I agree with the transalation... and that is why I said it is a big deal if the teacher actually said "Adam was not a Man"
    if bishop agrees, take it to the higher level... if it is not a christian school... take it to you political leader, because that does not belong in class.
  • Tell your teacher that it was the Church which canonized the Bible, so to interpret the Bible in a way that contradicts the Church's position on it is to be inconsistent.

    If you accept all the books of the Bible as canonical, then are you not contradicting yourself by accepting this decision of the Church, and then turn around and reject the Church's stance on the verses in question?

    Your teacher's political correctness must break down at some point, because what was this person? Genderless? And if genderless, then at some point, children must be given birth who do have gender, and then will your teacher find offense at the fact that these children have gender?......what a laugh.
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