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I have an issue with the Coptic jenkem. Sometime it  leaves extra long space. Can anyone help me with that. I am using New Athanasius font.

Check the attached link for the photo.


  • This has to do with format, not the jenkim. Metanoia is too long for the column width you have in this file. Either lower the full justification rate (not all word processors can do this well) or make the whole text on a single line. Take out the columns. Or hyphenate the word. Either way, if you take out the jenkim in metanoia, you'll likely have the same problem. So the jenkim is not the problem. 
  • I am wondering if this is a file in Microsoft office or any of the Microsoft pack 2007 or newer....because that doesn't work with coptic text and jinkums. I think word changes the space before the jinkum to a non breaking space, which brings the whole word to the next line.
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    Yes Mina, it is Microsoft word 2007. Can we turn this future off.
  • sadly, no. This is the main issue in everything microsoft related now. The only way out of it is to turn the fonts into Unicode which I have started working on but got stuck at coding the opentype features. 
  • thank you Mina.
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