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I have had the desire for a really long time, I haven't brought it up with my father of confession yet (I'm kind of shy). I also know that there is a calling to become a monk and I understand that marriage is holy. But, how does one know if he has the calling to become a monk?


  • how old are you?
  • read "the sublime life of monasticism" by anba mettaos and "monasticism: where the journey begins" by anba youssef. and if its a real desire suck it up and ask your father of confession, you're gonna have to sooner or later if you want to get in the monastery later on (should that happen to be the path for you).
  • you focus by getting good at what you are doing, like being a good student, a good son (unless you are a girl who likes the name girgisantony!), a good employee etc.
    be faithful in the small things, and God will reward you with the things you long for.
    proverbs 3 tells us that if you trust in the Lord, He will give us the desires of our hearts.

    so if you put Him first in everything (not as easy as it sounds!), then your wishes will become His and you will know soon enough where you should be.
    may God guide you.

    oh, and don't get married or date anyone!
  • Be careful about trying to make these kind of decisions. Monastic life is not any less complicated than ordinary life. There is great corruption among monks and fight for leadership (I am being blunt, the truth has to be said). The monasteries are run by humans who aren't perfect.

    People who go through with it and then change their minds have to struggle to get back on their feet and find a job etc etc. plus, indirectly, those who leave the monastery are frowned upon by people (because people aren't perfect and therefore they hurt each other).

    Find out why you think you want w monastic life and whether you can do this better in your current life than make a drastic change and isolate yourself.
  • I envy you. I wish I was a monk. Man, if I could redo it again, I'd have gone to be a monk in St Anthony's Monastery. 
    What a life! 

  • All this advice is generic unless we know some key factors. Age? Country? Occupation? Etc. So any advice here will be vague and follow along the lines of "Speak to your FOC." 

    Best advice I have is be yourself. Was advice given to me and that realistically helped me discern that monasticism simply wasn't my calling however dearly I had always wanted it to be. 

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