Opinions on teen dating?

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Just curios as to what people think on the topic. I know in the west there is not an issue with it at all but in Egypt, dating was absolutely forbidden because marriages were arranged. I know that, that isn't the case today but I want to know what you guys think. 


  • Regardless of age, dating is only OK for the purposes of marriage. Most teenagers are not in the position to get married.
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    Well, something like 25% of the teens in the 3 churches I'm surrounded by does dating.

    I personally think it's wrong because it's indulging in the world when we should be indulging in God during that time. It's like completely unnecessary
  • if you're over 16 and planning to get married around 18 or 19, then teenage dating is fine.

    as long as you did your education and got a job (assuming it's manual work as you didn't go to college) and you are very emotionally mature (generally this is more common in africa and asia) then it's ok.

    and as long as dating means spending time with the person you are soon going to get engaged to, with other adults around or available to 'accidently on purpose' walk in on you when you are thinking of doing something wrong with the other person (like touching etc.)

    but you probably don't mean that.
    so it's probably not fine!
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    Over 16?! That's like 10th/11th grade in highschool.. What highschooler knows they're going to get married by 18/19?
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    So what should I say to my friends who are interested in dating in their teen years. 
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    I see what you mean, but still..

    Let me give an example, I know someone who just finished medical school this year, and he's getting married next month - he's 26. 

    He's got a degree in his hands, and he's about to start a new life - well that's marriage. 

    How long did he date her? Well it started out as a friendship in his early 20s, then when he was close to finishing med school, he told the families, and got engaged to her. Then when he secured his degree, they decided to get married. 

    He's in a win-win situation because he played it right with his mind. Now, if there was dating in the teens, it would be awkward because you still have to rely on your parents for maybe 75% of everything in your life. Your life is not fully yours yet, it's under the supervision of your parents and to love someone - but hold on. What is love? Usually there's not a sound head upon teenage shoulders unless they have an intensely strong personality that cannot be hazed.  There's too much pressure to do what's socially acceptable during teenage years. 
  • Hi

    I'm just curious, but what exactly is dating going to give you that friendship will not give you?

    Even if you are Interested in marrying a girl - surely a life of friendship or common activity between you is what you need?

    If I understand correctly, dating is where you don't have any friendship between you. If you did, you wouldn't need to date.

  • copticstrength, i am talking generally about people around the world.
    so if you are in america but have been working part time since you're 13 and you do lots of housework and walk the dog for your neighbours in your free time (instead of listening to music and chatting to your mates about teenage stuff), then it's possible (but not at all likely) that you could be quite mature emotionally at 16.

    so i'm saying teen dating is ok for people who are emotionally and physically (i.e. over 16) ready for marriage.
    which does not include most teenagers in developed (rich) countries
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