December 9, 2035

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On this day, the 29th of Hatoor clashes with the 1st Sunday of Kiahk (borrowed from Hatoor).
What would we do?


  • how in the world did you figure that out?! :-)

    The necessity is for Kiahk to have 4 sundays. I haven't read any sources about such a coincident but I would say that sunday would be the 1st sunday of Kiahk.  
  • we will read the first Sunday of Kiahk becuase we need 4 sundays and the readings of 29 are repeated in many months
  • There's a program produced by the St Mark's in Michigan that has this info.

    What about the tunes?
    And is it permitted to say both the responses for 29th and also Kiahk?
    And would it be je ak tonk or je ak ee?
  • Well, to follow my guess (that is not based on a source yet) you would say nothing of the 29th. Everything would be kiahk. 
  • i think this already happened a few years ago (maybe you can do the mathematics!)
    i am glad you plan to be alive in 2035 (1752 AM if my calculations are correct), i will be old / dead (though technically not quite old enough for a pension).

    maybe the world will be a different place by then and we'll be too busy trying to defend our faith and find food for our children to worry too much about the hymns...
  • Lord have mercy
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