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hey guys,

i was just wondering how do you spend the days of the holy resurrection (besides eatin meat lol)
- cus you know in the lent we have prayer and pascha etc, what do you do in these blessed days??

take care and god bless


  • i like goin to the saturday liturgy bcuz not alot of people go... its very nice. Also, durin this time its like transition... after the beautiful 7 days of Pascha, its hard to be happy knowin that Pascha is still a yr away :'(... Nahda comin up!!! ;D
  • I read some where that the best thing to do after the holy resurrection during the fifty days is to celebrate the divine liturgy often...
    So I try and go as much as I can. It kind of lets me feel the power of the resurrection esspecially in the masses before uni.
    I dunno how to describe the feeling.. I guess like what HH Pope Shenouda says when you live in the world but dont let the world live in you (I think he said that).

    There was other stuff that I read a while ago like its best to read certain parts of the Bible during this time, but I cant remeber exactly... I'll try and find the book.

    Happy Holy 50 days everyone and Pray for me
  • thanx guys keep em cumin
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