Marriage and the Priesthood

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If someone enters into a second marriage after being granted an ecclesiastical divorce because of sexual immorality (the only reason Christ gave to justify divorce), is he eligible for the priesthood?

I suspect the answer is no, but I'm wondering why since Christ himself (not merely the Church acting out of economia) allowed divorce in such a circumstance.


  • To add to the question: what if someone remarries after his wife dies? Can he then be ordained a priest?
  • I will give my 2-cents worth of opinion:
    In general, I am always taught that priesthood is something that you ought not to seek however you should not refuse when offered,. atleast not for a good enough reason. I know, many will hate that statement but let's just take it as a saying I learned from many knowledgeable and aged people.

    I think the greatest factor that affects who gets ordained to be a priest in our church is reputation. Despite how 'lawful' the divorce was or who was the sinner in that divorce, the man's reputation to shaken. Which in return affects people's opinion of him and if the man is not accepted by the people, he will not get ordained. 
  • i think it could happen.
    and if someone remarries before he is a priest, it is ok, he just can't remarry after.

    but as few people are called to the priesthood, don't worry about it happening to you / your friend. it probably won't happen.

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