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What do people think would happen next Thursday? I have a feeling that they will say yes and the UK will break apart.. I hope it doesn't happen, but let me know what you think


  • I don't know the details but I would like to see a split for two reasons:

    1. It is my understanding that Scotland is rich in resources that aren't being shared properly by London.

    2. The Declaration of Arbroath. This declaration of independence predates the US declaration by 450 years. This is the more poetic of the two reasons and isn't that important, but I would like to see it put in effect again.

    PS. Why are world leaders contributing to this debate? It has nothing to do with them.
  • @Coptic_deacon,
    As you can see I resisted replying to you to allow other members to join in but it seems it's Of no interest to anybody.. come on guys, where are you?
    Of course I can't claim to understand the aspects of what you have mentioned but the only thing is that I'd hate for the union to break apart.. only a couple of days left anyway.. let's see
  • How will you be voting? If you don't mind my asking?
  • Oops. I just realised you might not even be in Scotland.
  • No I live in Newcastle not in Scotland. I don't have the right to vote, but I still hope it won't be a "yes" vote. let's see 
  • i hope it's a 'no'.
    it would be very expensive for both countries.

    did anyone hear back from saint andrew and saint george?
  • Who are those saints @mabsoota? The patrons of the two countries?
  • How will the Scotland vote effect the British Orthodox Church?  As far as I understand, they only have one parish in Scotland, as far as I am aware.

  • Oh.. very very interesting question. @mabsoota should tell us more. I believe she may have some knowledge of that. Waiting .....................
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    "The jurisdiction of the British Orthodox Church extends over the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands."

    If it includes Ireland, then it should also logically include an independent Scotland. However, given the fact that dioceses are currently undergoing rearrangement in Europe, with the recent enthronement of a single bishop over both native French and Copts in France (someone correct me if I'm wrong), it might be a clever ploy to take Scotland off Met Seraphim and enthrone a Coptic hierarch over the whole of Scotland. That being said, I don't think it would be technically correct for church boundaries to be changed at the whim of secular authorities. But it would still provide a good excuse. The fact that they have only 1 parish in Scotland would make it even easier to strip the BOC of it.

    These are just my speculations, I'm not from the UK, I have no actual on the ground knowledge, and I would welcome mabsoota's input.
  • Well, they already have a Coptic bishop for Scotland, if I'm not mistaken, HG Bishop Antony.  Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
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    wow, many questions!

    firstly, ophadece, how long have you lived in uk?


    for your homework, please write a small paragraph each on saints andrew and george as patron saints of scotland and england!

    as for the other questions;
    the BOC has no ties to the state, so things can continue unchanged if scotland leaves uk.

    anba antony's diocese grew sporadically; as people in each location asked him to be their bishop, he added the church. 
    there were originally very few churches far spread apart, as communities of egyptians and sudanese people moved to far-spaced parts of the uk.
    so he was able to visit them all regularly as there were few people.
    he still makes quite frequent visits, which is impressive considering the very poor state of his health.

    now the coptic church almost covers uk and ireland (with gaps remaining in most of scotland and central wales).
    so we will need reorganisation, like france.

    but i don't have any inside info (and am unlikely to comment or speculate if i hear rumours), so i just pray that God will arrange things in His perfect time.

  • @mabsoota,
    10 years and I have a British passport but I am rubbish in history. I'll read up about the patron saints I promise..
  • quickly, or you have to give back the passport!
  • Hader I will ;)
  • No matter what Scotland votes, their voter turnout was impressive and exemplary!
  • A sigh of relief..
  • thank God for that

    ophadece, don't forget your homework...
  • Any Canadians on here? Can we find a way to get rid of quebec? LOL
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    And jersey?


    Just kidding we <3 @minatasgeel & @minasoliman  8-}
  • the most unloved state of the US (even ecclesiologically) :P

  • @mabsoota,
    I have promised.. I won't forget I'll do my homework and let you know when I have done it..
  • @ReturnOrthodoxy

    You trying to get rid of me? :(
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