Tai Shori Verses Priesthood of Melchizedek

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When we chant Tai Shori, why do we say that the Censor is in the hand of Aaron the Priest.

The priesthood of the Orthodox Church is from Christ according to the order of Melchizedek, not Aaron.

We then do we say that the censor is in the hand of Aaron the priest?


  • The priesthood of Melchizedek predates the priesthood of Aaron but both are types of the priesthood of Christ. The priesthood of Melchizedek is an offering of bread and wine. The priesthood of Aaron is a sacrificial offering of many types. The common feature of Levitic priesthood is the use of incense and a high priest to mediate before God. Therefore, any use of incense originated in the priesthood of Aaron. The hymn taishori, using powerful liturgical language and theology, indirectly combines the two types of Old Testament priesthood through the Virgin Mary. Yet in reality, the hymn is really about Christ as manifested in the Levitic priesthood of Aaron as a burning sacrifice of incense that becomes a sacrifice of bread and wine manifested in the Melchizekian prototype. 

    Hopefully, our resident liturgist Ramez can give us better detail. I hoped this helped. (By the way, great to hear from you again metouro)
  • This is great
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