Which Coptic is correct?

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Nem nenioti emmetropolitees nem episcopos nee etkee neman


Nem nenioti emmetropolitees nem enepiscopos nee etkee neman


  • Nem Ni ebiskobos
  • Is it the same as what you said if it is one metropolitan and many bishops?

    And if it's only bishops it's 'enepiscopos'?

    And if it's one metropolitan and one bishop it's 'nem nenioti emmetropolitees nem pi episcopos'?
  • @qawe,
    "Ni" is the article of the plural, and "bi" for the singular. Just form up the sentence however you want to make the statement. 
  • @ophadece

    That's not very clear because if it's just bishops I read it's actually 'enepiscopos' (not 'niepiscopos') and if it's just metropolitans it's just 'emmetropoliteees' (not 'ni metropolitees').

    I understand that pi is singular and ni is plural, but as you can see from the above, it's a bit confusing, so can you please directly answer the 3 questions in my previous post? Thanks.
  • Em is an article for the second noun following the one prior so after naniodi you'd put em for metropolitan s or en for bishops and the rest of the sentence is using either the plural or the singular. This will always imply the plural of the first noun in any case because naniodi is plural. Tell me if I am still not clear because typing from the mobile is really such a hard work..
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    That's clear. So one metropolitan and many bishops = 'nem peniot emmetropolitees nem ni episcopos nee etkee neman'?
  • Perfect..
  • Except for my pronunciation ;)

    Thanks @ophadece
  • @qawe,
    I bit my tongue so as not to say it, but you know.. hehe.. 
  • @ophadece I have no idea what you look like, but sometimes I pronounce things in the Old Bohairic way, and I think of you and laugh. You're a fanatic, but the good kind
  • @lfahmy

    Thanks man.. I have not grown a beard yet but when I do I'll let you know how I look like.. hehe..
     Ps: there's one way to do things right but numerous ways to do them wrong and increasing..
  • @ophadece...as soon as i read your comment, i just remembers this: 'Perfect is the enemy of good'

  • @minatasgeel,
    Yes I could be cynical but here I was not trying to be cynical At all trust me. I'm sure you know that though, don't you?
  • I don't think it's cynicism.....just the belief in absolutism that doesn't really exist or help us to reach our goal as Christians. 
  • God is an absolutist, Christianity is all about absolutism. 
  • If God is absolute, why are there still people int his world that don't believe in Him?! Why do people need to have faith if the evidence is absolute and undeniably there?
    If Christianity is absolute, we would rot in Hell after we die and we would never think of salvation being granted from God.
    If God's justice is absolute, we wouldn't even be alive after the fall.
    If God's mercy is absolute, we wouldn't be on earth but still in Paradise and enjoying it.

  • @minatasgeel,
    I think you just answered yourself in your last two statements. God cannot be a relativist. Unfortunately some of the church figures are and that's not healthy..
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