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Hi guys,

I was wondering if someone could help me out..

I find that mornings are a really busy time for me; and i'm sure that most of you students out there will agree its a struggle making it to your morning lectures on time (when you actually decide to go..) lol

My point is that I often revert to a shortnened quick prayer in the morning, or dare I say miss it out completely in my frantic rush to get out the door..

My confession father suggested waking up earlier, but as you've probably guessed thats been rather unsuccessful..

I recently came across these tapes in the church bookshop that have the hours of the Agpia being prayed in Arabic, which I thought was a fantastic idea..

So what I would like to know is: Does anyone out there know of a link where I can download the morning hour Agpia prayers ? That way I can listen to it on CD and pray along on my way to Uni every morning.


By the way I'm a Copt from New Zealand and I'm only new to these forums, but I really love this whole message board thing; its a brilliant idea...


  • Hey Angelos,
    You can find the entire Agpeya online here:

    It has every hour available to download, stream, or read. Hope this was helpful. :)
  • Hi Banoub,

    Is there a place to download the Agpia psalms on mp3 but in ARABIC?

    Thank you and may God bless you.

    Pray for me.

  • KF,
    I was only successful in finding this site:

    Its the Arabic Agepya itself (the text in PDF format). You requested to download the actual psalms in Arabic, concerning that, I do not know a site as of yet that has that feature. Sorry if I wasn't much help. My prayers are with you, and may peace be with you also. :)

    you can find them in arabic at the above website. at the top of the menu, there is a tab called agpeya. they are all there.
  • Thank so much Banoub, that was really helpful..
    Now I've got no excuse for missing out prayer in the morning!

    Alithos Anesti
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