Peer Review

I am finishing up a paper, which has turned into more of a book, and was wondering if anyone here would like to be involved in the peer review process. If so just PM me.


  • Hi Ioannes,

    Are you willing to share the subject of the paper/book & what you're looking for in the peer review process?

    For example are you just looking for proof-reading for spelling and the like, or are you look for resource/fact checking, etc?

    Also, what's your timeline like... how fast would you need to hear back?

  • @blessed, it is an apologetic work on the Orthodox Church. I am not looking so much for editing as I am for someone to review the subject matter and if possible find the gaps in the argument. Basically find arguments against the argument. I would prefer the review be back within two weeks or so because I need to get this finished and sent over to the bishop as soon as possible.
  • Anyone interested or what?
  • I am interested but I can't promise anything within 2 weeks since I have a conference to prepare for at UCLA in 2 weeks. If you can extend your timeline, send me a private message.
  • I am also interested and will have a day off on Friday which is perfect timing! Shoot me a PM
  • I sent to both of you
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